currently showing: form and light

I recently began a new art photography project — studies in form and light. In this case, the forms are nude human figures, so if you are in any way offended by that sort of thing, you may want to skip this gallery. Be assured, however, these are artistic images that are in no way pornographic or erotic. Having said that…

form and light 1
click to see complete gallery                                                                                                          model: blueriverdream

I am fascinated with examining the human form for its geometry. Depending on the pose and the shadows cast, there can be a multitude of conforming and opposing lines, curves, triangles, rectangles, circles, and trapezoids. The initial “virtual show” in the featured gallery, studies the beauty in the geometry of a solitary nude female figure posed under varying light temperatures and configurations. Set against a stark black backdrop and eliminating any props, clothes, makeup, or filters, all that is left is light and form in the purest sense. I hope you agree that nothing else is really needed.

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